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Gastrointestinal Psychosomatic

The focus of the working group is to investigate the interaction of psychological, somatic and social factors in the development and course of physical complaints and diseases in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology in order to be able to consider the role of these factors in diagnostics and therapy.

Currently, research projects are being conducted on the topic of "Intestinal Microbiome and Psyche" in patients with chronic inflammatory and functional bowel diseases. Other scientific projects deal with research on disease-related quality of life and new outpatient therapy methods. In particular, research is being conducted on "well-directed hypnotherapy," a group hypnosis specifically directed at the abdomen. Research funds are continuously obtained to finance the projects and additional personnel (clinical psychologists).

The aim of the working group is also to strengthen the specialist area of psychosomatic medicine in teaching (lectures, electives, theses, dissertations (and medical training and continuing education.

Ao.Univ.Prof.Dr.Clemens Dejaco

Physician Scientist