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Portal hypertension and liver cirrhosis

The research group of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thomas Reiberger, the "Vienna Hepatic Hemodynamics Lab", focuses on clinical portal hypertension and liver cirrhosis.

The main goal is the development and research of pathophysiologically oriented new therapeutic approaches for portal hypertension and its complications. The core areas are the hepatic hemodynamics laboratory and the liver cirrhosis outpatient clinic. With more than 350 hepatic vein catheter measurements and transjugular liver biopsies per year, the "Vienna Hepatic Hemodynamic Lab" has established itself as a national and international reference center.

Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. Thomas Reiberger

Scientific physician

If you have any questions about research activities, the possibility of working together, diploma theses, cooperations, scientific events, internships, please send an email to:

  • > 100 original papers on liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension
  • national and international collaborations
  • interdisciplinary research collaborations
  • translational research in collaboration with the HEPEX laboratory
  • hepatic vein pressure-guided therapy of portal hypertension
  • Optimization of standard therapy with non-selective beta-blockers
  • Indirect hepatic vein pressure measurement: gold standard to be clinically established in the prognosis of patients with liver cirrhosis
  • Exploration of new drug therapy options for portal hypertension
  • Evaluation of non-invasive prognostic parameters (biomarkers) for clinical assessment of patients with liver cirrhosis